20 W Air Conditioner Power Supply

The TinySwitch-III supply shown in Figure 1 provides 20 W of output power. The 15 V output is capable of delivering up to 50 mA of current and is typically used to supply the primary side driver for a brushless DC (BLDC) motor as it is referenced to the source of the MOSFET internal to U1 (primary side). The 12 V regulated isolated output, delivering up to 1.6 A, CAN be used to drive a Microcontroller relays, and a stepper motor. The supply uses a large input capacitor, C1, to maintain a constant voltage source for the BLDC motor. It is assumed that this supply will be placed after all necessary EMI fi ltering and AC rectifi cation, and thus none of these components are shown. However, Y-capacitor C10 is shown as part of the EMI fi ltering that may be necessary. The TNY279PN device is used in a fl yback topology. During the on time of U1’s internal MOSFET current rises linearly in the primary winding of transformer T1. While current builds in the primary, energy is stored in the transformer. Once the current through the MOSFET reaches the device’s current limit, or DCMAX is reached, the MOSFET turns off. The fl yback portion of the conduction cycle now begins. During this period a voltage is induced in the secondary winding, and the energy stored in the transformer is transferred to the output capacitors and the load. During the supply’s fl yback period, an RCD snubber circuit keeps the voltage at the drain node below the device’s BVDSS limit. The snubber circuit is comprised of fast-blocking Diode D1, capacitor C2, and resistor R1.
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20 W TNY279PN Flyback Power Supply.
20 W TNY279PN Flyback Power Supply.

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