3a Lm20k Reference Designs

 The LM20123 LM20133 and LM20143 are a full-featured
family of high performance 3A synchronous buck converters.
These devices are tailored to operate over an input voltage
range of 2.95V to 5.5V and each CAN be optimized to meet
many different performance requirements. The LM20123 op-
erates at a fixed frequency and only requires 11 components
to generate a solution. The LM20143 is similar to the
LM20123 except the frequency of the device CAN be varied
from 460 kHz to 1.5 MHz with an external resistor. This gives
the power supply designer the flexibility to trade-off inductor
size and efficiency. The LM20133 features a synchronization
input pin that synchronizes the internal Oscillator to an exter-
nal signal to keep the Switching Regulators operating with the
same phase which is critical in many noise sensitive designs.
The reference designs discussed will show how the 3A de-
vices CAN be optimized for size, efficiency and transient re-
sponse. The trade-offs made for each design will be
discussed the various 3A devices. Test results for including
efficiency, output voltage ripple, and transient response will
be shown for each design.
LM20143 National Semiconductor
C3216JB0J476M TDK
C3225X5R0J107M TDK
SPM6530T-1R5M100 TDK
CRCW06031R0J-e3 Vishay-Dale
GRM188R71A105KA01 Murata
GRM188R71A105KA01 Murata
CRCW06039312F Vishay-Dale
VJ0603Y272KXA Vishay-Vitramon
VJ0603Y333KXXA Vishay-Vitramon
CRCW06033092F Vishay-Dale
CRCW06031002F-e3 Vishay-Dale
CRCW06031963F Vishay-Dale
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3a Lm20k Reference Designs application circuits
3a Lm20k Reference Designs application circuits

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