5a Lm20k Reference Designs

 The LM20125 and LM20145 are a full-featured family of high
performance 5A synchronous buck converters. These de-
vices are tailored to operate over an input voltage range of
2.95V to 5.5V and each CAN be optimized to meet many dif-
ferent performance requirements. The LM20125 operates at
a fixed frequency and only requires 11 components to gen-
erate a solution. The LM20145 is similar to the LM20125 BR>except the frequency of the device CAN be varied from 250
kHz to 750 kHz with an external resistor. This gives the power
supply designer the flexibility to trade-off inductor size, effi-
ciency, as well as AC performance.
The reference designs discussed will show how the 5A de-
vices CAN be optimized for size, efficiency and transient re-
sponse. The trade-offs made for each design will be
discussed as well as possible tweaks to interchange the var-
ious 5A devices. Test results for including efficiency, output
voltage ripple, and transient response will be shown for each
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5a Lm20k Reference Designs application circuits
5a Lm20k Reference Designs application circuits

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