Aat1143eval 1mhz 0.4a Buck Converter

INTERNAL DOCUMENT DO NOT COPY The AAT1143 evaluation board demonstrates performance, as well as suggested size and placement of exter- nal components, for the AAT1143 integrated buck Regulator The external components are selected for mini- mum size and optimum operation up to 400mA output current. Resistors R1 and R2 set the output voltage. For improved transient response, a 100pF to 150pF capacitor CAN be used for C4, along with increasing the value of C1 to 10µF. C3 is available for cases where additional external compensation is necessary; for most applications it is not used. Refer to the AAT1143 datasheet for more details about this product. Layout As with all switching power supplies, the board layout for the AAT1143 is critical (see Figure 1). Special care has been taken with the placement of external components. The input capacitor (C2) placement is critical. It must be placed immediately adjacent to the AAT1143. As shown in Figure 2, the output voltage feedback trace has been routed on the portion of the back side of the board which has a ground plane on the top side (see Figure 3). The trace is also routed to avoid the LX node and associated noise. Resistors R1 and R2 are placed as closely as possible to the AAT1143 in order to minimize the length of the trace for the high impedance node associated with the OUT pin. This minimizes the potential for external noise associated with the power stage of the AAT1143 and other circuitry coupling into the feedback of the AAT1143. Please refer to Table 1 for AAT1143 evaluation board specifications.
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Aat1143eval 1mhz 0.4a Buck Converter application circuits
1mhz 0.4a Buck Converter application circuits

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