Bgb707l7esd As An Fm Radio Antenna Lna

FM Radio has a long history to its credit starting from its development in 1933. Today, FM Radio is an integral part of almost all mobile phones. In a common mobile phone, the cable to the earphone serves as the Antenna for FM reception, wherein the Antenna size is a bit relaxed. To be able to use FM Radio also without the earphone, the Antenna has to be integrated inside the phone. But in this case, the space constraint poses a challenge on the Antenna design. Shrinking the size of the Antenna introduces a high loss in the system which deteriorates the receiver performance, namely the receiver sensitivity. Using a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), CAN solve this problem by enhancing the receiver sensitivity. However, there are a few difficulties in the design of the LNA for this purpose. Due to the very small size, the Antenna impedance is very high and thus the LNA has to be matched to this high impedance and in addition offer a low noise figure. Using it in a hand held device also demands low current consumption, power-off function and high linearity due to the co-existence of cellular bands. Other requirements on the LNA include worldwide FM band support (76- 108 MHz) and ESD robustness of 4 kV (HBM) at the RF-in port. Infineon offers its LNA solution BGB707L7ESD which fulfills all the aforementioned performance criteria in a very small and leadless package TSLP-7-1 (2.0 x 1.3 x 0.4 mm). It comes with an integrated active biasing which enables consistent operation with varying temperatures and process variations. It finds its application in all kinds of mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs, portable FM Radio MP3 players etc.
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Application schematic for FM Radio
Application schematic for FM Radio

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