Bluetooth Antenna Design

1.0 Introduction This application note is intended for designers using the LMX5251 or LMX5252 Bluetooth® Radio chips or LMX9820A or LMX9830 Bluetooth modules. Antenna design for various applications is described along with theory, matching circuit description, suppliers and examples. Any structure that is resonant at 2.45 GHz with bandwidth more than 100 MHz and efficiency >50% CAN be considered a Bluetooth Antenna Therefore, a countless variety of anten- nas CAN be used, and they are application-specific. Some common types are: • Wire Monopole — This consists of a simple wire soldered at one end from which it is fed against a ground plane. It is trimmed to be resonant at 2.45 GHz and provides good performance and high efficiency. The disadvantage of this Antenna is that it is not low profile because it projects above the PCB.
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