High Brightness Led Controller Using The Mc9rs08ka2

 1.1  Introduction
This document describes a reference design of a high brightness LED control solution using the
MC9RS08KA2 Microcontroller
Recently, light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have become very popular in general lighting area as a
replacement technology for halogen low-voltage lighting. Customers are quickly recognizing the
advantages of using LED lighting, which include long operating life, no fragile glass, no mercury, and low
voltage DC operated.
In general, LEDs have a nonlinear I-V behavior and thus current limitation  is required to prevent the power
dissipation to exceed a maximum limit. Thus, the ideal source for LED driving is a constant current source.
The concept of this application is a MCU based LED Driver with closed-loop current control. A compact
LED light source with dimming control is implemented to demonstrate the advantages of using MCU to
drive a high brightness LED with different average current settings.
All hardware schematic diagrams and firmware source codes are available as reference materials.
1.2  Features
• High brightness LED Driver with 350mA current driving capability
• Control a buck converter to regulate supply voltage to match with different LED forward voltages
• Up to 80% efficiency
• Internally generated PWM switching frequency
• Feedback control on LED forward current through a Current Sense resistor
• Dimming control by a single button
 1.4  Freescale’s New Generation Ultra Low Cost MCU
The MC9RS08KA2 (KA2) Microcontroller unit (MCU) is an extremely low cost, small pin count device for
home appliances, toys, small geometry, and LED control applications. This device is composed of
standard on-chip modules including a very small and highly efficient RS08 CPU core, 62 bytes RAM, 2K
bytes Flash an 8-bit modulo Timer keyboard interrupt, and Analog Comparator The device is available
in small 6- and 8-pin packages.
MC9RS08KA2 Features:
• Simplified S08 instruction set with added high-performance instructions
• 2048 bytes on-chip Flash EEPROM
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High Brightness LED Control Board
High Brightness LED Control Board

High Brightness Led Controller Using The Mc9rs08ka2 application circuits
High Brightness Led Controller 
Using The Mc9rs08ka2 application circuits

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