High Voltage Buck Converters Drive High Power Leds

 High power LEDs continue to replace traditional bulbs
in new automotive, industrial, backlight Display and
architectural detail lighting systems. LEDs excel in a wide
range of performance and cost parameters, including
excellent spectral performance, long life, robustness
falling manufacturing cost and relatively safe materials
Linear Technology offers a large and growing family o
high voltage DC/DC converters tailored specifi cally to
drive high-powered LEDs
The LT3474 and LT3475 for example, are high voltage
high current, single- and dual-channel buck LED convert
ers with wide PWM dimming ratios that CAN drive one
or more LEDs up to 1A and 1.5A for 80 lumens to 120
lumens per LED (or more as higher output LEDs become
available). These dedicated LED Drivers have onboard
high voltage NPN Power Switches and internal sense
resistors to minimize board space, reduce componen
count and simplify design.
With their high side sense resistors, the LT3474 and
LT3475 CAN drive LEDs tied to ground, an importan
advantage in many systems. Current-mode control and
a precise reference voltage optimize loop dynamics for
a well regulated, low ripple constant LED current. Ther
mally enhanced exposed pad packages keep the junction
temperature low during high power operation in stressfu
environments. A PWM pin uses the dimming MOSFET
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LT3474 High Voltage Buck LED Driver Regulates 1A
LT3474 High Voltage Buck LED Driver Regulates 1A

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