High Voltage Power Supply Using The Tps61040

 The TPS61040 is a highly integrated, low power, boost converter capable of delivering output
voltages up to 28 V. The addition of two small Diodes and two small capacitors enables the
TPS61040 to deliver output voltages up to 50 V.
The maximum allowable voltage on the SW pin of the TPS61040 limits the output voltage to
28 V. The addition of C2, C5, D2, and D3 allow the supply to deliver output voltages over 50 V.
The circuit shown in Figure 1 generates a 50 V output at up to 15 mA, depending upon input
voltage. The portion of the circuit within the dotted line is a basic boost topology based upon the
TPS61040. Steady state operation of the supply is described below.
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Example Power Supply Using the TPS61040
Example Power Supply Using the TPS61040

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