Interfacing Cc1020/1 To The Msp430

The purpose of this design note is to show how to Interface the CC1020 EMX to the MSP430F1xx/41x family. The example shows the interconnection between the CC1020 1 transceiver and the MSP430F169. The protocol defined in application note AN025 [1][2] has been ported to the MSP430 where the main functionalities are maintained (transceiver configuration through the SPI Interface and RF communication). The software handles the transceiver and MCU configuration and a basic RF Communication protocol. The hardware consists of an MSP-FET430 Development Tool from Texas Instruments equipped with an MSP430F169 MCU. The kit CAN be connected to the CC1020 hosted on the SmartRF®04 EB from Chipcon/Texas Instruments. An auxiliary node must be used to implement and test the RF protocol. MSP430 CC1020 CC1021 CC1070 The software is compatible with the IAR C/C++ compiler and the MSP-GCC compiler from GNU. Any SPI capable Interface module within the MSP430 family is supported within the code. Bit banging functions CAN also be easily added. This approach is obviously more flexible but on the other hand it CAN be slow with a slow Microcontroller
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Interfacing Cc1020/1 To The Msp430 application circuits
Interfacing Cc1020/1 To The Msp430 application circuits

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