Irplcfl6revb: High Power Cfl Ballast Using The Ir2166

provides for high PF, low THD and DC Bus regulation. The IR2166 features include programmable preheat and run frequencies, programmable preheat time, programmable dead-time, programmable over-current protection and pro- grammable end-of-life protection. This demo board is intended to facilitate the evaluation of the IR2166 Ballast Control IC, demonstrate PCB layout techniques and serve as an aid in the development of production ballast’s using the International Rectifier IR2166. The IRPLCFL6 Demo Board consists of an EMI Filter input rectification, an active power factor correction section, a ballast control section and a resonant lamp output stage. The active power factor correction section is a boost converter operating in critical conduction mode, free-running frequency mode. The ballast control section provides frequency modulation control of a traditional RCL lamp resonant output circuit and is easily adaptable to a wide variety of lamp powers. The ballast control section also provides the necessary circuitry to perform lamp fault detection, shutdown and auto-restart. The schematics for IRPLCFL6 is shown in figure 5.1 and the Bill Of Materials with the components values is shown in table 5.2.  
 ECJ-3VB1E104K  Capacitor
MKP10 Series  DC Blocking Capacitor
EF6104-ND  Film Capacitor
RJ24 Series  Current Sensing Resistor
BC1605-ND  EMI Capacitor
ECJ-3YB1E474K Capacitor
RJ-8GEYJ122V  Resistor
 050272102  Resonant Inductor
 505271102  Power Factor Inductor
RJ-8GEYJ102V  Resistor
LL4148DICT-ND  Diode
P10509-ND  Resonant Capacitor
P918-ND  VCC Capacitor
WK4957BK-ND Fuse
2KBB08 Diode Bridge
ERJ-8ENF1212V Resistor
MA8120CT-ND Zener Diode
RJ-8GEYJ223V Resistor
RJ-8GEYJ220V Resistor
ERJ-8ENF2492V Resistor
ERJ-8ENF6192V Resistor
WAX-450V-47uF  DC Bus Capacitor
RJ-8GEYJ104V  Resistor
CU-V1H103KBM Capacitor
CU-V1H102JCH Capacitor
RJ-8GEYJ224V Resistor
 M6237-ND  EMI Inductor
RJ-8GEYJ394V  Resistor
5073NW Series  Resistor
CU-V1H471KBM Capacitor
CY-3YB1E684K  Capacitor
CU-V1H821KBM CT Capacitor
1812AA821J Snubber Capacitor
BYV26C  PFC and Bootstrap Diode
RJ24 Series  Current Sensing Resistor
RJ-8GEYJ100V  Resistor
RJ-8GEY0R00V  Jumper Resistor
IR2166 IR Ballast IC
IR2166S BR MURS260T3
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Irplcfl6revb: High Power Cfl Ballast Using The Ir2166 application circuits
Irplcfl6revb: High Power Cfl Ballast Using The Ir2166 application circuits

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