Irplmb1e - 25w 230vac Small Size Ballast Using Ir2520d

 Small sizes ballasts (often called Matchbox ballasts) are becoming very common in Europe to drive a wide
range of lamps with power between 18W and 26W like PLC 18W, PLT 18W, TC-L 18W, TC-L 24W, TC-F 18W,
TC-F 24W, TC-DEL/TEL 26W, T5 24W, T8 18W, T5C 22W and TR 22W. Limiting the maximum power to 25W
the design does not need to conform to THD and PF requirements and this allows saving the PFC stage
reducing the components count and maintaining a very small size.
The MINIBALLAST1 is an electronic ballast for driving 26W compact fluorescent lamps from 220VAC. The
circuit provides all of the necessary functions for preheat, ignition and on-state operation of the lamp and
also includes the EMI Filter and the rectification stage. The ballast size is 36mmx55mm.
The circuit is built around the IR2520D Ballast Control IC. The IR2520D provides adjustable preheat time,
adjustable run frequency to set the lamp power, high starting frequency for soft start and to avoid lamp Flash
fault protection for open filament condition and failure to strike, low AC line protection and auto-restart after
line brownout conditions. The IR2520D is a low-cost solution with only 8 pins and allows the component
count for the complete solution to be reduced down to 19 components. 
    International         DF10S                   Bridge Rectifier 1A 1000V       
    Dale                   CW-1/2                 Resistor, 0.5Ohm, 1/.2W          
   Panasonic               ECQ-U2A104ML          Capacitor, 0.1uF 275 VAC          
   Digikey                 P10730-ND                                               
   Epcos                   B82145-A1105-J         EMI Inductor, 1mH 370mA          
   Digikey                 M5830-ND               RF Chockes 1mH 200mA             
    Wima                   MKS2 Series            Capacitor, 47nF 400V             
    Panasonic              EEU-EB2V100            Capacitor, 10uF 350VDC 105C      
    Panasonic              ECJ-3VB1H104K          Capacitor, 0.1uF 50V 1206        
    Panasonic              ECJ-3VF1E474Z          Capacitor, 0.47uF 25V 1206       
    Panasonic              ECY-3YB1E105K          Capacitor, 1uF 25V 1206          
    AVX                    1812AA681J             Capacitor, 680pF 1KV SMT 1812    
    Wima                   MKP4 Series            Capacitor, 4.7nF 1KV Polypropylene
    International         IR2520D                 IC, Ballast Driver               
    VOGT                   5752602600             Inductor, 2.25mH, 5%, 1Apk       
    International         IRFU320                 Transistor MOSFET               
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Irplmb1e - 25w 230vac Small Size Ballast Using Ir2520d application circuits
Irplmb1e - 25w  230vac Small Size Ballast Using Ir2520d application circuits

MINIBALLAST1 iR2520D Circuit Diagram
MINIBALLAST1 iR2520D  Circuit Diagram

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