4 Level Switch Dim Fluorescent Ballast Using The Irs2530d

The  IRPLDIM5E  reference design  kit  consists of a dimming  fluorescent ballast, with a
microcontroller driven dimming  control  system providing  four  fixed  levels and actuated
by power re4cycle pulses of less than one second, driving a single 25W CFL lamp. The
design contains an EMI  Filter and a dimming ballast control circuit using  the  IRS2530D.
This  demo  board  is  intended  to  help  with  the  evaluation  of  the  IRS2530D (DIM8TM)
dimming ballast control  IC, demonstrate PCB  layout  techniques and serve as an aid  in
the development of production ballasts using the IRS2530D.   
  Drives 25W CFL Lamp
Input Voltage: 220VAC
High Frequency Operation 
Lamp Filament Preheating
Lamp Fault Protection with Auto4Restart
Low AC Line/Brownout Protection
Microcontroller driven 4 level power pulse dimming 
IRS2530D DIM8TM HVIC Ballast Controller  
 The  IRPLDIM5E  reference design  is built on  the  IRS2530D (DIM8 ) dimming platform.
The  lamp arc  current  is detected  through RCS after  ignition and added  to a DC  control
voltage  to provide an AC signal with a positive offset at  the DIM pin of  IC1. During DIM
mode the IRS2530D adjusts the Oscillator frequency in order to maintain the amplitude of
this feedback signal such that the negative going peak is regulated at the 0V reference. In
this way  the  peak  to  peak  AC  feedback  signal  amplitude  is  regulated  to  twice  the DC
control voltage level.
The  IRS2530D incorporates  a  voltage  controlled  Oscillator   whereby  the  voltage  at  the
VCO pin determines  the  frequency. This  is also used  to  realize  the preheat and  ignition
ramp required to start the lamp. At Switch on the voltage at the VCO pin will steadily rise
from 0V. At 0V the frequency will be at its maximum level, which is considerably above the
open circuit resonant point. As the voltage increases, the frequency gradually falls and the
voltage at  the  lamp  increases as well as  the current  in  the cathodes. This configuration
utilizes voltage mode heating, which is provided by means of two auxiliary windings on the
resonant output  inductor of  the ballast circuit. This method  is  the simplest and cheapest,
however  current  mode  heating  could  be  used  if  an  additional  transformer  were  to  be
added to sense the arc current. 
  Digikey             RH06DICTND                Bridge Rectifier 0.5A 600V, miniDIP
 Diodes Inc           ZMM5247B7                Diode Zener 17V, 500mW, MiniMelf  
 Diodes Inc           LL4148DICTND             Diode 75V, 100mA DL35             
 Diodes Inc           ZMM5231B7                Diode Zener 5.1V, 500mW MiniMelf  
 Diodes Inc           MURS16013                Diode 600V, 1A, SMB               
 Digikey              M8301ND                  Inductor, 1mH, 200mA               
 Vogt                 IL 070 503 11 02         Inductor, 2.3mH, EF20              
 Panasonic            ECA0JHG331               Capacitor, 330F, 6.3V, 105C, Radial
 Panasonic            ECJ3YB1E225K             Capacitor, 2.2F, 25V, 1206         
 Wima                 MKS2 Series              Capacitor, 47nF, 400V              
 Digikey              P10730ND                 Capacitor 0.1F, 275VAC             
 Panasonic            EEUEB2V100               Capacitor, 10F, 350V, 105C, Radial 
 Panasonic            ECJ3VB1H104K             Capacitor, 0.1F, 50V, 1206         
 Panasonic            ECUV1H222KBM             Capacitor, 2.2nF, 50V, 1206        
 Panasonic            ECJ3YB1E684K             Capacitor, 0.68F, 25V, 1206        
 Panasonic            ECJ3YB1E105K             Capacitor, 1F, 25V, 1206           
 Panasonic                                     Capacitor, 10nF, 50V, 1206         
 Panasonic            ECKD3A102KBP             Capacitor, 1nF, 1KV, Ceramic disk  
 Wima                 MKP10 Series             Capacitor, 4.7nF, 1600V            
 TAW                  MKP472K1K6               Polypropylene                      
                      NOT FITTED                                                  
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ106V             Resistor, 10M, 0.25W, 1206         
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ154V             Resistor, 150K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ124V             Resistor, 120K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            EROS2PHF1203             Resistor 120K, 0.25W, Axial        
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ243V             Resistor, 24K, 0.25W, 1206         
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ364V             Resistor, 360K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            ERDS2TJ7R5V              Resistor, 7.5 Ohm, 5%, 0.5W, Axial 
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ474V             Resistor, 470K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ105V             Resistor, 1M, 0.25W, 1206          
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ104V             Resistor, 100K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ563V             Resistor, 56K, 0.25W, 1206         
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ102V             Resistor, 1K, 0.25W, 1206          
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ152V             Resistor, 1.5K, 0.25W, 1206        
 Panasonic            ERJ8GEYJ100V             Resistor, 10 Ohm, 0.25W, 1206      
 Vishay/BC                                     Resistor, 0.47R, 1/2W              
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4 Level Switch Dim Fluorescent Ballast Using The Irs2530d application circuits
4 Level Switch Dim Fluorescent Ballast Using The 
Irs2530d application circuits

IRS2530D Circuit Schematic
IRS2530D  Circuit Schematic

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