Lna For Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Applications Using Bfp640f Sige Transistor

1 LNA for Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Applications using BFP640F SiGe Transistor Overview • BFP640F is investigated for use as an LNA for a 2630 - 2655 MHz Digital Multimedia Broadcasting ("DMB") application. • Design Goals: Gain =15 dB, Noise Figure < 1.2 dB, Input / Output Return Loss 10 dB or better, current < 10 mA from a 1.8 Volt power supply, Output P1dB > -5 dBm • Printed Circuit Board used is Infineon Part Number 640F-021904 Rev A. Standard FR4 material is used in a three-layer PCB. Please refer to cross-sectional diagram. • Low-cost, standard "0402" case-size SMT passive components are used throughout. Please refer to Schematic and Bill of Material. The LNA is unconditionally stable from 5 MHz to 6 GHz. • Total PCB area used for the single LNA stage is approximately 35 mm². Total Parts count, including the BFP640F Transistor is 12. Achieved ≅ 14 dB gain, 0.9 dB Noise Figure from 2400-2800 MHz from a 1.8 V supply, drawing 6.8 mA. Outstanding Input 3rd Order Intercept of +10.5 dBm. Note noise figure result does NOT "back out" FR4 PCB losses - if the PCB loss at LNA input were extracted, Noise Figure result would be approximately 0.2 dB lower. Amplifier is unconditionally stable from 5 MHz to 6 GHz.
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