Low-cost Speech With Msp430

This application report describes the implementation of a low-cost solution to store and
play Audio or polyphone ringtones with an MSP430 The best solution for flexible and
low-cost Audio playback is chosen using a demonstration board that is based on the
MSP430 USB Stick Development Tool and the MSP430FG4618 Experimenter Board.
 Audio playback capabilities differentiate a product from a competitor's solution. A talking smoke detector
can directly give detailed instruction on how to leave the building, and this feature CAN save lives in case
of fire. Polyphone ring Tones replacing simple beeps in an application make the final product more
convenient. But usually speech or polyphone ring Tones require either external speech Audio circuits or an
expensive Microcontroller with lots of Flash memory and DAC output.
This application report discusses possible technical solutions for speech output with a low-cost
microcontroller. The final solution that is selected uses an external SPI Flash memory, which enables
flexibility of storage memory size based on the amount of playback time needed. The low-cost
 MSP430F2002  is suitable for this ultralow-power speech playback solution. Because of the small code
size and the minimal requirements for peripheral hardware, speech output CAN be added to any
application using almost any other MSP430 device.
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DU SBWRDIO 6 Schematic of eZ430-Speech MSP430F2002
Schematic of eZ430-Speech  MSP430F2002

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