Microcontroller Application - Battery Charger

With the present Wireless Communication revolution, possession of a mobile phone is now a com- mon sight in most developed countries. Along with the convenience of quick and easy communica- tion, this situation has also brought with it a whole new area of business opportunities. But with every cell phone also comes a rechargeable battery and a Battery Charger As the trend towards Wireless internet continues to develop, cell phones with these added functions are now starting to prevail in the market, increasing yet further the need for rechargeable batteries and their associ- ated chargers. In addition, the popularity of handheld devices like PDA, MP3Walkman, and digital cameras all require batteries to operate, adding to the importance of rechargeable batteries.With this in mind, this article sets out to explain the special features of rechargeable batteries, after which an explanation will be given about how to design a quick-charge Battery Charger Holtek Semiconductor has currently released a Battery Charger Microcontroller device, the HT46R47. This device CAN be universally used as the basis behind quick-charge Battery Chargers for the range of the most commonly used rechargeable batteries such as Ni-Cd, Ni-NH and Li-ion cells used in applications such as mobile phones, walkmans, PDAs and so on. This article will set out to explain the function of the HT46R47 in order to explain further the principles behind the charging of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Li-ion batteries as well as giving an understanding of how to con- struct a suitable charger. After reading we hope readers will have the necessary knowledge to be- gin design of their own charger and distinguish the pros and cons of the presently available different types of batteries and chargers.
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Microcontroller Application - Battery Charger application circuits
Microcontroller Application - Battery Charger application circuits

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