Miniature Dimmable 26w Ballast Using Irs2530d Control Ic

 The IRPLDIM4E Reference Design is a miniature dimmable electronic ballast for driving
26W  compact  fluorescent  lamps  from  a  220VAC  line.  The  circuit  provides  all  of  the
necessary  functions  for  preheat,  ignition,  and  dimming  control  of  the  lamp  and  also
includes  the  EMI  filter  and  AC  rectification  stage.  The  ballast  size  is  1.42in  x  2.44in
(36mm x 62mm).
The  circuit  is  designed  around  the  IRS2530D S)PbF  DIM8TM  Ballast  Control  IC.  The
IRS2530D includes adjustable preheat time, frequency sweeping for filament preheating
and lamp ignition, a dimming reference and feedback input, a high soft
start frequency to
avoid  lamp  Flash   lamp and ballast  fault protection  for open filament condition, failure  to
strike, and no  lamp  fault  conditions, automatic  restart during  lamp exchange, and,  low
AC  line  protection.  The  IRS2530D is  simple  to  use,  has  only  8  pins,  and  drastically
reduces component count for a complete dimming solution. 
The IRS2530D is an application specific solution for dimming CFL and TL lamps in CFL or
matchbox (small size ballasts) applications. It integrates all of the necessary functions for
preheat,  ignition and dimming control of  the  lamp, plus  lamp  fault protection,  low AC
protection, lamp exchange auto
restart, and a 600V half
bridge driver into a standard SO8
or DIP8 package. 
The  IRS2530D includes  adaptive  zero
voltage  switching,  non
zero  voltage  switching
(ZVS) protection, as well as an integrated 600V bootstrap MOSFET The heart of this IC is
a voltage
controlled Oscillator (VCO) with a dimming reference/feedback input. One of the
biggest advantages of the  IRS2530D is  that  it uses  the VS pin (the mid
point of the half

bridge) for over
current protection and to detect non
ZVS conditions. The IRS2530D uses
the RDSon of  the  low
side half
bridge MOSFET  for current sensing each cycle when  the
side  MOSFET  is  on.  An  internal  600V  MOSFET  connects  the  VS  pin  to  the  VS

sensing  circuitry  and  allows  for  the  VS  pin  to  be  accurately measured  during  the  time
when pin LO is high, while withstanding the high DC bus voltage during the other portion
of the switching cycle when the high
side MOSFET is turned on. This eliminates the need
for  an  external,  precision  current  sensing  resistor  that  is  typically  used  to  detect  over

current. Please refer to the IRS2530D datasheet for further information including electrical
parameters, a state diagram and a complete functional description. 

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Miniature Dimmable 26w Ballast Using Irs2530d Control Ic application circuits
Miniature Dimmable 26w Ballast Using    
Irs2530d Control Ic application circuits

IRS2530D Circuit Schematic
IRS2530D Circuit Schematic

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