Mmc Data Logger Example

 1.  Introduction
Relevant Devices
This application note applies to the following devices:
C8051F320 BR>This application note describes a data logging system
using the C8051F320 that stores temperature samples
in a Multimedia Card (MMC). The software system is
presented in two pieces:
„ At the bottom level is the Interface to the MMC
which provides transparent Flash access for a user
application such as the data logger.
„ At the top level is the data logger which handles
sampling, log table maintenance, and the user
The main focus of this document is the Interface
between the Silicon Laboratories device and the MMC;
the data logging portion is simply an application of this
1.1.  MMC Overview
The Multimedia Card provides a large amount of Flash
memory that is accessed through a serial Interface
There is a complicated command structure that must
be followed when communicating with the card. The
MMC Interface section of this system encapsulates the
complex command structure  and provides access to
the Flash as a large linear address space using simple
read, write, and erase commands.
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Mmc Data Logger Example application circuits
Mmc Data Logger Example application circuits

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