Mpc5121e Microcontroller Reference Manual

 The MPC5121E integrated processor provides an exceptional computing platform for Multimedia and
infotainment vehicle applications for OEM, aftermarket, and commercial products. The MPC5121E is also
excellent for any embedded solution that requires graphics, a graphical user-interface, and network
connectivity. The MPC5121E has automotive qualification; therefore, all customers CAN expect
competitive cost, quality, reliability, and availability for years to come. The MPC5121E uses the e300 CPU
core based on the Power Architecture™ instruction set.
The MPC5121E has an integrated graphics engine, the PowerVR® MBX Lite IP core licensed from
Imagination Technologies, which supports 3D acceleration (not available in MPC5123). With a 128-bit
interface, this graphics engine has incredible performance. A separate 32-bit RISC auxiliary acceleration
engine (AXE) provides additional processing power. This engine has been optimized for Audio
applications and acceleration of popular media formats including MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and
others. The AXE CAN also support sample rate conversion important to speech recognition.
The MPC5121E integrated processor includes multiple cores and multiple buses, helping to avoid high
clock rates to obtain high performance. The excellent balance between operating power consumption and
performance allows for lower system cost and higher reliability. The low standby power consumption also
makes the product suitable for portable applications.
The flexibility of the MPC5121E provides customers a platform for a variety of product applications. Its
rich set of integrated peripherals include PCI SATA, PATA, Ethernet USB 2.0, CAN twelve
programmable serial controllers, and numerous others. The integrated Display controller (DIU) allows for
cost-effective support of thin film Transistor (TFT) LCD panel Displays with up to 1280 x 720 resolution.
Again, the MPC5121E uses the e300 CPU core, with 32 Kbyte instruction cache and 32 Kbyte data cache,
based on the Power Architecture instruction set. Wide support of RTOS, software drivers, middleware, and
application solutions from mobileGT alliance members is planned when samples become available. This
can greatly reduce development lead times and expense while improving software quality.
The many embedded memory Buffers help ensure balanced system performance and system bus
throughput. The performance of the MPC5121E is enhanced by having well-balanced system resources for
the integrated core, graphics and Audio engines.
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