Mpc5565 Microcontroller Reference Manual

 The MPC5565 Microcontroller (MCU) is a member of the MPC5500 family of next generation powertrain
microcontrollers built on Power Architecture™ technology. The MPC5500 family contains a host
processor core that complies with the Power Architecture embedded category, which is 100 percent user
mode compatible with the original Power PC™ user instruction set architecture (UISA). This family of
parts contains many new features coupled with high-performance CMOS technology to provide significant
performance improvement over the MPC565.
The e200z6 CPU of the MPC5500 family is part of the family of CPU cores that implement versions built
on the Power Architecture embedded category. This core also has additional instructions, including digital
signal processing (DSP) instructions, beyond the classic PowerPC instruction set.
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