Ncp1014: 8 W, 3-output Off-line Switcher

An 8 watt, 3-output, isolated off-line switcher with universal AC input is presented here. The design is based around the NCP1014 monolithic, integrated controller. Utilization of the SOT-223 package for U1 is recommended for optimum Thermal Management The power circuit design is a discontinuous mode flyback topology operating at 100 kHz, although the T1 magnetics design will allow for 65 kHz operation also. The output voltage configuration CAN be changed by altering the turns ratios of the secondaries if desired. Use of stacked windings for the 5 V and 12 V secondaries provides good regulation for both outputs. Voltage sensing and regulation is accomplished with simple Zener Diode and Optocoupler circuit configuration. • Low parts count, inexpensive off-line power supply for telecom, appliance or telecom applications. • Input EMI Filter for agency compliance • Stacked 5 and 12 V transformer windings for improved cross regulation. • 8 watt output with 10 watt peak if SOT-223 package is used for NCP1014. • Ripple inductor for low ripple on 5 V output. • Over current and overvoltage protection.
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Ncp1014: 8 W, 3-output Off-line Switcher application circuits
Ncp1014: 8 W, 3-output Off-line Switcher application circuits

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