Nud4301 Led Driver Demonstration Board

The NUD4301 demo board is a simple circuit which biases the NUD4301 device so that it's functionality CAN easily be observed. It contains two low power resistors of 4.7 to set the current limit (ILimit) to 20 mA typical and two small capacitors C1, C2 (1 f, 1 V) that prevents noise from entering to the Isense circuit. The two resistors CAN be changed to program different current limits for different applications needs (for more details about the resistor calculation for different LED currents, please refer to the device's datasheet). The demo board also contains two white LEDs with forward voltage between 3.2 V and 3.4 V at 20 mA. These two LEDs are optional and CAN be replaced with other types for evaluation purposes. The demo board is set to operate for an input voltage between 3.2 and 6 Vdc and with a current limit of 20 mA typical (4.7 ) for both channels. The Dim and enable pins are connected to Vcc through removable jumpers which CAN be opened to apply external enable and PWM signals
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Nud4301 Led Driver Demonstration Board application circuits
Nud4301 Led Driver Demonstration Board application circuits

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