Power Booster Applications

The Apex PB series of power booster amplifiers, PB50 and PB58 are high performance, yet economical and flexible, solutions to a wide variety of applications. Their voltage and current ratings of up to 200 volts at 2 amps for the PB50 and 300 volts at 1.5 amps for the PB58 satisfy most high voltage and high current requirements. In addition, the PB series is fast. The 100 V/µs slew rate these boosters offer is matched or exceeded by only a few expensive power or high voltage op amps If accuracy, in the form of low offset, drift, and/or bias current, is the system requirement, the PB series, with the proper choice of driver amplifier, CAN deliver high voltage performance with accuracy equal to the best small-signal op amps available on the market, and do it economically. Power supply requirements for the PB50 dictate that the negative supply rail must be at least 30 Volts below the COM- MON terminal (pin 5), setting the minimum supply voltage at +/-30 V. The PB58 CAN operate from supplies as low as +/-15 volts.
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Power Booster Applications application circuits
Power Booster Applications application circuits

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