Procedures To Design 220vac Cfl Solutions With The Ir2520d

 This application note (AN) is intended for helping the design of CFL ballasts, 220VAC input, using
the IR2520D Ballast Control HVIC. The information enclosed will help in adapting the reference
design IRPLCFL5E to different lamp types. Please refer to the IRPLCFL5E reference design and
to the IR2520D datasheet for additional information on the design, including electrical
parameters, state diagram and complete functional description. 

 Some components, like the circuit to supply the IR2520 (DCP1, DCP2, CSNUB, RSUPPLY), CBS
and CDC, do not need to be changed.
The EMI Filter LF and CF, must be adapted to satisfy the EMI requirements of the application, but
we will not get involved on this. The bus capacitor value, CBUS, could be reduced for lower powers
(< 25W), to save cost and space, and increased for higher powers (>25W), to avoid the bus voltage
to drop, but we will always consider 10uF in this AN. The current rating of the MOSFETs F1, BR1
and LRES must be adapted to the current needed for the different application.
This AN will start from the design IRPLCFL5E and will explain in detail how to adapt the values of
CVCO, RFMIN, CRES and LRES to satisfy the specs of a different lamp:preheat time, preheat ratio
Rh/Rc, running lamp power, running lamp voltage or current and ignition voltage.
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IRPLCFL5E Circuit Diagram
IRPLCFL5E Circuit Diagram

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