Pwm Dc Motor Control Using Timer A Of The Msp430

 Many of the MSP430 Microcontrollers have either the Timer_A module or the Timer_A and
Timer_B modules included in them. These modules contain a 16-bit Counter that CAN be
incremented from a number of Clock sources. They CAN even count in low power modes. These
timers also have a number of capture/compare Registers that lend themselves to a variety of
applications. One of these applications is the Automatic generation of a PWM output to control a
DC motor. This application note demonstrates one of the many potential Motor Control schemes
that are possible using the Timer_A and/or Timer_B modules. 

  The TI TPS77133 shown in the example circuit provides both the regulated VCC to the MSP430
and a power on reset signal to control the reset input of the MSP430 The TPS77233 CAN be
used if the supply Voltage Supervisor (power good) function is required. Reference [3] is the
datasheet for this device family.
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Schematic of PWM DC Motor Control Example Circuit
Schematic of PWM DC Motor Control Example Circuit

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