Pwm Functionality Test

Hybrid PWM amplifers are widely used in applications such as motion control, offine drivers, capacitor discharge welder controller, and Audio speaker drivers. When you frst build an engineering prototype to check out your application circuit, it may not work the frst time. So, you do the trouble shooting. One common question is, "is my PWM amplifer still working," Well, maybe. You CAN always pull it out from your circuit board, ship to Apex and request for a retest in Apex' ATE tester. But, you may have to wait for days or weeks to get an answer back. Chances are you need the answer right then. Well, you CAN do it yourself and it is surprisingly simple. While they are not shown on these diagrams, be sure to bypass all supplies with ceramic capacitors (1µF recommended) with short leads. You don't need a 100V, 30A power supply to test, for example, an Apex SA03 which is rated at 100V and 30A. All you need
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Pwm Functionality Test application circuits
Pwm Functionality Test application circuits

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