Replacing At90s4433 By Atmega8

 • AT90S4433 Errata Corrected in ATMEGA8 BR>• Differences in Pin-out
• Changes to Names
• Improvements to Timer Counters and Prescalers
• Changes to ADC
• Changes to Power Management
• Improvements to SPI and UART
• Changes to EEPROM Write Timing
• Programming Interface
• Fuse Settings
Oscillators and Selecting Start-up Delays
• Changes to Watchdog Timer
• Other Concerns
This application note is a guide to assist current AT90S4433 users in converting exist-
ing designs to the ATmega8. ATMEGA8 contains more Flash SRAM and EEPROM
memory space than AT90S4433 and it has additional peripheral modules and fea-
tures. Still the pin-out of the two devices are identical, and with a few modifications to
the I/O Register access, the ATMEGA8 CAN replace AT90S4433 on existing circuit
boards. In addition to the functional changes, the electrical characteristics of the
ATMEGA8 are different including an increase in operating frequency because of a
change in process technology. Check the data sheet for detailed information.
AT90S4433 Errata Corrected in ATMEGA8 BR>The following items from the Errata Sheets of the AT90S4433 do not apply to the
ATmega8. Refer to the AT90S4433 Errata Sheet for a more detailed description of the
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