Replacing Atmega103 By Atmega128

 This application note is a guide to assist current ATMEGA103 users in converting exist-
ing designs to the ATmega128. The ATMEGA128 has two operating modes selected
through the fuse settings. The M103C Fuse selects whether the ATMEGA103 compati-
bility mode should be used or not. By default, the M103C Fuse is programmed and the
ATMEGA128 operates in compatibility mode. When the compatibility mode is used,
only non-conflicting enhancements make the part different from the ATmega103.
Additionally, the electrical characteristics of the ATMEGA128 are different including an
increase in operating frequency because of a change in process technology. Check
the data sheet for detailed information. When the M103C Fuse is unprogrammed, all
new features are supported, but porting the code may require more work.
ATMEGA103 Errata Corrected in ATMEGA128 BR>The following items from the Errata Sheets of the ATMEGA103 does not apply to the
ATmega128. Refer to the ATMEGA103 Errata Sheet for a more detailed description of
the errata.
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