Replacing Atmega323 By Atmega32

 This application note is a guide to assist current ATMEGA323 users in converting exist-
ing designs to the ATmega32. In addition to the functional changes, the electrical
characteristics of the ATMEGA32 are different including an increase in operating fre-
quency because of a change in process technology. Check the data sheet for detailed
ATMEGA323 Errata Corrected in ATMEGA32 BR>The following items from the Errata Sheets of the ATMEGA323 do not apply to the
ATmega32. Refer to the ATMEGA323 Errata Sheet for a more detailed description of
the errata.
Interrupts Abort TWI Power-down
The TWI Power-down operation is no longer interrupted by other interrupts, and the
TWI does not return to its idle state when interrupts occur during Power-down.
TWI Master does not Accept Spikes on Bus Lines
In ATMEGA32 a digital Filter eliminates the problems with spikes triggering a false start
condition. In addition, if a start condition is incorrectly received it will now generate the
status code Bus Error and set TWINT when the SDA line goes to the idle state.
Hence, the previous dead-lock situation has been eliminated.
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