Sensorless Bldc Motor Control Using Mc9s08aw60

 This designer reference manual describes a sensorless, 3-phase, brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive
based on Freescale’s MC9S08AW60 dedicated Motor Control device.  MC9S08AW60 BR MC9S08AW48 BR MC9S08AW32 BR MC9S08AW16
BLDC motors are very popular in a wide application area. Because the BLDC motor lacks a commutator,
it is more reliable than the DC motor. The BLDC motor also has advantages when compared to an AC
induction motor. Because it achieves a higher efficiency by generating the rotor magnetic flux with rotor
magnets, a BLDC motor is used in high-end white goods (such as refrigerators, washing machines,
dishwashers, high-end pumps, fans) and in other appliances requiring high reliability and efficiency.
The concept of the application is a speed and torque, closed-loop BLDC drive using a sensorless
back-EMF zero crossing technique. It is an example of a BLDC Motor Control design using a Freescale
HCS08 family MCU.
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Sensorless 3-Phase BLDC Motor Demo Using MC9S08AW60
Sensorless 3-Phase BLDC Motor Demo Using MC9S08AW60

3-Phase BLDC Motor Power Stage
3-Phase BLDC Motor Power Stage

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