Sp6648 Flashlight Application

Introduction The SP6648 integrated synchronous boost Regulator is a compact circuit that provides a ultra- high efficiency drive current for an LED flashlight using a LuxeonTM I light source. The circuit shown below is configured to provide 350mA constant output current for a two cell alkaline battery application. All components are compact surface mount devices, yielding a tiny final solution. Diode D1 has been added to reduce the effective feedback voltage from 1.25V down to 0.61V to improve efficiency. The LED current CAN be programmed as high as 900mA depending on the set resistor value. Operating quiescent current of the part is only 12uA, so only a negligible amount of power is used by the part itself. The SP6648 is available in MSOP for easy pin access in proto- type and testing, and also 3x3mm DFN for the smallest production circuit.
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Application Schematic
Application Schematic

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