Tps61500 Schematic

 This user ’ s guide describes the characteristics, operation, and use of the TPS61500EVM-369 evaluation
module (EVM). This EVM contains the Texas Instruments TPS61500 boost converter, configured with
external components to regulate current through a string of WLEDs. This user ’ s guide includes EVM
specifications, recommended test setup, test results, bill of materials, and a schematic diagram. 
The Texas Instruments TPS61500EVM-369 evaluation module contains a TPS61500 boost converter IC,
supporting active and passive components, and 5 white light-emitting Diodes (WLEDs) in series. The goal
of this EVM is to facilitate evaluation of the TPS61500 in a typical WLED application.
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TPS61500 schematic
TPS61500 schematic

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