Universal Input (90 Vac – 265 Vac) Led Driver Using Irs2541

 Explosive growth in emerging applications will drive demand for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LEDs
have proven a viable alternative to less efficient light sources. LED benefits include extremely long life,
small size, design flexibility, architectural effects, significant maintenance cost savings, energy savings,
and safe, low-voltage operation. With their cost decreasing and efficiency increasing over the long term,
the industry is eagerly embracing LEDs  
This application note describes a universal input (90-265 VAC) LED Driver using International Rectifier’s
IRS2541 LED Driver IC. The IRS2541 is a High-Voltage high-frequency, buck control IC for constant LED
current regulation. It incorporates a continuous-mode, time-delayed hysteretic buck Regulator to directly
control the average load current,  using an accurate on-chip band-gap Voltage Reference LEDs require
drivers that have specific features such as constant current control over temperature, input voltage and
manufacturing variations as well as dimming capability and appropriate fault protection. The IRS2541 is
specifically designed to address these requirements.  
500 V, 20 A, TO-220 IRFB20N50K IR 
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IRS2541 LED Driver Schematic
IRS2541 LED Driver Schematic

IRS2541 Circuits Using Two FETs
IRS2541 Circuits Using Two FETs

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