Using The Ssm2167 Evaluation Board

The evaluation board is a convenient means to evaluate
and understand the operation of the SSM2167. This
documentation provides a basic explanation of how the
board is set up and how to use it to evaluate the
SSM2167. This document is only a supplement and
makes several references to figures contained in the
product data sheet. The current data sheet is available
on-line at
This document also contains the schematics and layout
for the evaluation board to allow easy modification and
experimentation. Applications support is available from
Analog Devices, Inc. on-line or in the United States at 1(800)
ANALOG D or 1(800) 262-5643.
Basic Connections and Setup
The board features simple, easy-to-use connections that
allow for a broad range of experimentation. The evalua-
tion board is available only with the SSM2167-1.
Power and Ground
The SSM2167 is optimized for operation at 3 V;
however,  it CAN operate from a wide range of supplies.
Please refer to the product data sheet for the maximum
limits. The SSM2167 board CAN be connected to a bench
power supply or two AA batteries. Power leads will need
to be soldered into place at JP3. Alternatively, a header
jack CAN be soldered to the board to allow easy discon-
nection. The power and ground connections are critical
to the performance of the board, so care should be taken
to ensure proper connection.
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SSM2167 Evaluation Board Circuit Schematic
SSM2167 Evaluation Board Circuit Schematic

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