Voltage To Current Conversion

VOLTAGE TO CURRENT CONVERSION Voltage controlled current sources (or VCCS’s) CAN be useful for applications such as active loads for use in component testing or torque control for motors. Torque control is simplifed since torque is a direct function of current in a motor. Current drive in servo loops reduces the phase lag due to motor inductance and simplifes stabilizing of the loop. VCCS’s using power op amps will assume one of two basic forms, depending on whether or not the load needs to be grounded. CURRENT SOURCE: FLOATING LOAD Figure 1A illustrates the basic circuit of a VCCS for a foat- ing load. The load is actually in the feedback path. RS is a current sense resistor that develops a voltage proportional to load current.
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Voltage To Current Conversion application circuits
Voltage To Current Conversion application circuits

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