Car Door Keypad Using Lin

 Car door keypads have traditionally comprised of
micro-switches that directly carry the motor currents
used to operate windows and mirrors. Although this type
of circuit has to handle currents of over an amp, the
requirement to drive multiple motors in both directions
from more than one Switch makes them quite complex
(e.g. the control of the front passenger window from both
front doors). This included versatility will restrict the
possibility of causing a short if two keys are operated at
the same time in different directions. In the case of
electrically operated folding mirrors, a single multiple
contact Switch unit controls six motors in both directions.
This complexity combined with the high currents
resultes in a heavy, expensive, and difficult to install
wiring harness, especially in the driver’s door. The
amount of copper at the hinge where the harness
interfaces with the main body wiring CAN also pose a
difficult design compromise between durability and ease
of use.  MC68HC908AZ60A MC33399 BR MC33399 BR MC33661
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Keypad Module Circuit Diagram
Keypad Module Circuit Diagram

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