Altera Corporation
Altera Corporation
Altera Corporation ( is the world's pioneer of system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solutions. With annual revenues in CY 2005 of $1.12 billion, Altera combines the reprogrammable logic technology originally invented in 1983 with software tools, intellectual property (IP), and design services to provide high-value programmable solutions to approximately 14,000 customers worldwide. Altera is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 2,300 people in 14 countries. Committed to helping customers achieve their business goals, Altera aggressively invests in research and development efforts despite global economic pressures. Altera's FPGAs are uniquely positioned to displace costly, high-risk solutions such as ASICs and ASSPs, and offer a viable, more flexible alternative to digital signal processors—delivering value to a much broader market than was previously addressed by programmable logic. By partnering even more closely with our customers, Altera continues to develop new products and tools. Altera’s portfolio of industry-leading FPGAs, structured ASIC, and CPLD products have been overwhelmingly accepted in traditional markets and have quickly been incorporated into many new applications. Building on the award-winning Stratix® device family, Stratix II FPGAs offer twice the performance and 40 percent lower cost than their predecessor for high-density, general-purpose applications. Stratix II GX FPGAs with transceivers deliver superior signal integrity, best-in-class jitter performance, and optimal protocol solutions. Cyclone™ II FPGAs continue the low-cost FPGA leadership Altera established with the first-generation Cyclone family and deliver a flexible, low-risk, low-cost solution that makes it a highly attractive alternative to low- and mid-density ASICs. HardCopy® II devices give volume-driven applications designers the ability to seamlessly migrate their design from an FPGA to a low-cost structured ASIC solution. MAX® II CPLDs set new CPLD standards and extend Altera’s fifteen years of market leadership. A library of IP cores for differentiation, including the Nios® II embedded processor, gives customers a competitive edge. Quartus® II design software supports all Altera® products and is the easiest to use and most powerful design software available today for FPGA, structured ASIC, and CPLD designs. It offers customers full, risk-free design flexibility with maximum return on investment. Altera maintains partnerships and subcontracting agreements with industry-leading technology suppliers in wafer processing, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC). Altera enhances its own place-and-route design software with tools from best-in-class EDA vendors. With the assistance of a world-class distribution network, Altera services customers around the world. This highly successful business model allows Altera to focus on its core competency: the development and deployment of leading-edge programmable technology that provides maximum value to customers.

  • A16450   Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
  • A8251   Programmable Communications Interface
  • EP1M120   Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EP1K10   Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EPC1   Configuration Devices For SRAM-Based LUT Devices
  • EP2A15   Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EPF10K20   Embedded Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EPM9320   Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EP1S10   Stratix Device Family Data Sheet
  • EP2S15   Stratix II Device Family Data Sheet
  • EP1C3   Cyclone FPGA Family Data Sheet
  • EP2C5   Cyclone II Device Family Data Sheet
  • EPC4   Enhanced Configuration Devices (EPC4, EPC8 And EPC16) Data Sheet
  • EPC1064PC8   Configuration Devices For SRAM-Based LUT Devices Data Sheet
  • EPCS16SI16N   4. Serial Configuration Devices (EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64, And EPCS128) Data Sheet
  • EPM7032   Programmable Logic Device Family
  • EP3C5   Cyclone III Device Family