Banner Engineering Corp.
Banner Engineering Corp.
Sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, machine vision, indicator lights Banner Engineering designs, manufactures and distributes photo eyes, sensors and associated products for industrial and process automation — worldwide. * Photo eyes, fiber optic sensors, ultrasonic sensors * Wireless sensors, wireless monitoring control * Safety controllers, safety light screens, safety switches * Machine vision, vision sensors, vision lighting * Indicator lights

  • QS18VP6LV   Compact Sensors QS18 Series DC Operation
  • QS18EP6LP   WORLD BEAM QS18E Expert Series DC Operation With Teach Control
  • QS18VN6AF100   WORLD-BEAM® QS18 Sensoren Mit Einstellbarer Hintergrundausblendung
  • SUA925QD   ULTRA-BEAM Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors 925 Series With Switched (electromechanical Relay) Output
  • QS18UNA   WORLD BEAM QS18U Series Ultrasonic Sensors Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors With TEACH-Mode Programming
  • S18UBA   U-GAGE™ S18U Series Sensors With Discrete Output
  • S18UUA   U-GAGE™ S18U Series Sensors With Analog Output 18 Mm Ultrasonic Sensors With TEACH-mode Programming
  • T186UE   U-GAGE® T18U Series Sensor Ultrasonic Opposed Mode Sensor Pairs With Dual Sensing Ranges
  • T30UXDA   U-GAGE® T30UX Series With Discrete Output Ultrasonic Sensor With TEACH-Mode Confguration
  • T30UXUA   U-GAGE® T30UX Series With Analog Output
  • LEDIA70AP4-XQ   LED...A70..4-..Q Series Sealed High-In- Tensity Area Lights
  • Q20E   WORLD-BEAM® Q20 Series Sensors