Bliley Technologies Inc.
Bliley Technologies Inc.
Bliley Technologies Inc. was originally founded as the Bliley Piezo-Electric Company in 1930 by F. Dawson Bliley. Initially, we manufactured quartz crystals for the amateur radio market. In the mid-1930s, our customers and products soon broadened to match the interests of the burgeoning military and commercial communications fields and our name was changed to Bliley Electric Company. In 1939 we were the largest Crystal Company with 11 employees.

  • NV47AJ   Ultra Low Profile Super Single OCXO
  • NVG79D   NVG79D & E Series Low Power DIP OCXO
  • QC33343   High Stability SC Cut Resonator
  • QC34311   High Stability SC Cut Resonator
  • QC33469   High Stability SC Cut Resonator
  • V85H   7.0 Mm X 5.0 Mm VCXO
  • V85G   7.0 Mm X 5.0 Mm VCXO
  • V85F   7.0 Mm X 5.0 Mm VCXO
  • V85E   7.5 Mm X 5.0 Mm VCXO
  • V105A   The V105A Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) Series Products Are Used In Phase Locked Loops, ADSL, And Cable Modem Applications Offering High Performance In A Miniature Footprint (5.0 X 3.2 Mm)
  • NV45G   100 MHz Low Phase Noise OCXO
  • NVG47S   Euro-Style Low Noise High Stability OCXO
  • NV47AG   Ultra Low Profile Super Single OCXO