Caliber Electronics, Inc.
Caliber Electronics, Inc.
The corporate objective of Caliber Electronics Inc. has been to supply world class piezoelectric quartz crystal devices to a global market place. Founded in January 1994, Caliber has emerged as a leader in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of a comprehensive family of quartz crystal products, which are collectively called microprocessor crystals, crystal filters, clock oscillators, and ceramic resonators. Caliber Electronics offers the broadest array of quartz crystal timing devices available for computers, computer peripherals, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace. Today, Caliber Electronics' products are incorporated into the products of many Fortune 500 OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) around the world.

  • PSCDS-74   SMD Power Inductor (PSCDS-74 Series)
  • PSSL-1306HC   Power Inductor - High Current (PSSL-1306HC Series)
  • PSSL-0804HC   Power Inductor - High Current (PSSL-0804HC Series)
  • PSSL-0503HC   Power Inductor - High Current (PSSL-0503HC Series)
  • LAM-1641   Axial Molded Inductor (LAM-1641 Series)
  • LAM-1025   Axial Molded Inductor (LAM-1025 Series)
  • LACC-1741   Axial Conformal Coated Inductor (LACC-1741 Series)
  • LACC-1128   Axial Conformal Coated Inductor (LACC-1128 Series)
  • LSW-1008   Wound Chip Inductor (LSW-1008 Series)
  • LSW-0805   Wound Chip Inductor (LSW-0805 Series)
  • LSW-0603   Wound Chip Inductor (LSW-0603 Series)
  • LSWM-453232   Wound Molded Chip Inductor (LSWM-453232 Series)
  • LSMH-2012   High Frequency Multilayer Chip Inductor
  • LSMH-1608   High Frequency Multilayer Chip Inductor
  • LSMH-1005   High Frequency Multilayer Chip Inductor
  • LSML-201209   Surface Mount Multilayer Chip Inductor (LSML-201209 Series)
  • VAC31   14 Pin And 8 Pin / HCMOS/TTL / VCXO Oscillator
  • OAH3   HCMOS/TTL Oscillator
  • AWT2   Through Hole Tuning Fork Crystals
  • AWS2   32.768kHz SMD Watch Crystal
  • AWS200S   2.0mm And 2.5mm Plastic SMD Crystals
  • AWS145   32.768kHz SMD Watch Crystal