Power supplies are the heartbeat of the modern world, driving every conceivable application. As a power supply specialist, Densei-Lambda has products for every possible application and customer demand. Throughout our history, we have continually redefined the limits of the possible, striving to discover each new breakthrough in technology. With advancing digital networks and the rise of 'intelligent' consumer products, today's electronics industry is on the verge of an unprecedented new era. Densei Lambda will continue to provide solid support for this ever-widening range of new applications. Ever committed to our role as technology pioneer, we will continue to offer an expanding array of Total Power Solutions.

  • CE-09   DC To DC Converters Single Output, Non-insulation, 3 To 5.5V Input
  • CE-3101   DC To DC Converters Non-insulation, 8-pin SMD Type, 1.2W Output
  • CE-1050   DC To DC Converters Non-insulation Type, Wide Input, SMD
  • CE-1003   DC To DC Converters Non-insulation Type, Wide Input, SMD
  • PMH-AD16RPVMD   DC To DC Converters Distributed Power Supplies For Systems, POL Converter
  • CC1R5-0503SF-E   DC To DC Converters Insulated Type, Ultra Compact Size, 1.5 To 25W Output, 5-year Warranty Period
  • RKE24-50R   AC Input Single Output, General-Purpose, UL/C-UL/TÜV Approved Conform
  • RTW03-12R   Single Output, General-Purpose, UL/C-UL/TÜV Approved
  • RKY24-50R   Single Output, Long Life, Three-phase Input UL/C-UL Approved
  • MTW15-51212   Multi Output, General-Purpose, UL/C-UL/TÜV Approved, CE Certified
  • MB13   Three Phase Input Noise Filter With Block Terminal
  • MZS   Equipment Designed To Conform EMI Regulations Such As VCCI,CISPR,FCC,VDE,etc????
  • PAH200H   High Current High Efficieny Single Output 200W
  • PP1R5   Single Output DC-DC Converter 1.5W ~ 25W????
  • JWT75   Triple Output 75 ~ 100w - Densei-lambda
  • JWS50   Single Output 50w ~ 600w???? - Densei-lambda
  • JWS120P   Peak Current/single Output 70 ~ 480w - Densei-lambda