LOGIC Devices Incorporated
LOGIC Devices Incorporated
LOGIC Devices develops and markets high-speed digital integrated circuits that perform high density storage and signal/image processing functions. Our products enable SD and HD video display, transport, editing, composition, and special effects. We also provide solutions for digital filtering in wireless base stations, image enhancement in medical diagnostic scanning and imaging equipment, and guidance and target recognition capabilities in smart-weapons systems. LOGIC Devices is a supplier focused on providing integrated circuits with the highest quality, density, performance, and support. We support world leaders in the networking, personal computer, telecommunications, data communication, and testing equipment markets. Our customers include Ikegami, Hitachi, Sony, Vingmed (GE), Hewlett Packard, Phillips, Wilcox, Quantel, Pinnacle, Hitachi Medico, Lockheed Martin Loral, Teradyne, SDX (Lucent), and Alcatel. Superior product design, manufacturing, quality, and a drive for innovation, are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Technology Our solutions offer greater computation rates, lower cost, and lower power consumption than alternative approaches. Using our experience in high-speed data path and embedded memory development, with a structured custom design methodology, our chip solutions involve highly optimized, integrated, and dedicated high-speed computation functions. We work closely with customers to define the features and performance required to meet demanding requirements. The Company is continuing to increase its activities in related complementary core technologies with algorithm and mixed signal efforts, while relying on standard advanced lithography semiconductor process technology provided by wafer foundry sources. Customers LOGIC products are used by a large number of industrial customers. Broadcast equipment manufacturers include: Snell and Wilcox, Quantel, and Phillips in Europe; Ikegami, Hitachi, and Sony in Japan; and Pinnacle in the United States. Medical diagnostic imaging manufacturers include: Vingmed (GE) in Europe; Acuson and HP in the United States; and Hitachi Medico in Japan. Military customers include Lockheed Martin Loral on programs, such as the Tomahawk Cruise Missile and the Lantirn; and communications customers include SDX (Lucent) in Europe and Teradyne (test equipment) and (DSC) Alcatel in the United States. LOGIC Devices Incorporated (NASDAQ: LOGC) maintains operations worldwide. Headquarters is located in the United States in Sunnyvale, California.

  • L10C11   4/8-bit Variable Length Shift Register
  • L29C520   4 X 8-bit Multilevel Pipeline Register - Logic Devices Incorporated
  • LSH33   32-bit Barrel Shifter With Registers - Logic Devices Incorporated
  • LSH32   32-bit Cascadable Barrel Shifter
  • LMU112   12 X 12-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • LMU08   8 X 8-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • LMA1010   16 X 16-bit Multiplier-accumulator - Logic Devices Incorporated
  • LMA1009   12 X 12-bit Multiplier-accumulator - Logic Devices Incorporated
  • LF43881   8 X 8-bit Digital Filter - Logic Devices Incorporated
  • LF3338   8-bit Vertical Digital Image Filter
  • LMU18   16 X 16-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • LMU217   16 X 16-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • LMS12   12-bit Cascadable Multiplier-Summer
  • LMA2010   16 X 16-bit Multiplier-Accumulator
  • LF9502   2K Programmable Line Buffer
  • LF48410   1024 X 24-bit Video Histogrammer
  • LMU16   16 X 16-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • LF3370   High-Definition Video Format Converter
  • LF3347   High-Speed Image Filter With Coefficient RAM
  • LF3330   Vertical Digital Image Filter
  • LF3321   Horizontal Digital Image Filter
  • LF3320   Horizontal Digital Image Filter
  • LF3312   12-Mbit Frame Buffer / FIFO
  • LF3311   Horizontal / Vertical Digital Image Filter
  • LF3310   Horizontal / Vertical Digital Image Filter
  • LF2272   Corrector (3 X 12-bits) Colorspace Converter/ Corrector (3 X 12-bits)
  • LF2250   12 X 10-bit Matrix Multiplier
  • LF2247   Image Filter With Coefficient RAM
  • LF2242   Decimating Digital Filte 12/16-bit Half-Band Interpolating/ Decimating Digital Filter
  • L4C383   16-bit Cascadable ALU (Extended Set)