LOGIC Devices Inc.
LOGIC Devices Inc.
LOGIC Devices develops and markets high-speed digital integrated circuits that perform high density storage and signal/image processing functions. Our products enable SD and HD video display, transport, editing, composition, and special effects. We also provide solutions for digital filtering in wireless base stations, image enhancement in medical diagnostic scanning and imaging equipment, and guidance and target recognition capabilities in smart-weapons systems. LOGIC Devices is a supplier focused on providing integrated circuits with the highest quality, density, performance, and support. We support world leaders in the networking, personal computer, telecommunications, data communication, and testing equipment markets. Our customers include Ikegami, Hitachi, Sony, Vingmed (GE), Hewlett Packard, Phillips, Wilcox, Quantel, Pinnacle, Hitachi Medico, Lockheed Martin Loral, Teradyne, SDX (Lucent), and Alcatel. Superior product design, manufacturing, quality, and a drive for innovation, are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

  • LPR520   4 X 16-bit Multilevel Pipeline Register
  • INTERPOLATIN   12/16-bit Half-Band Interpolating/ Decimating Digital Filter
  • LF3330   Vertical Digital Image Filter
  • LF3312   12-Mbit Frame Buffer / FIFO