Micro Analog Systems Oy
Micro Analog Systems Oy
Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS) founded in 1980 designs and markets low voltage, low power, and low noise analog and mixed signal ICs. MAS is privately owned semiconductor company having it`s headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It also operates a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and has in-house wafer level testing and final testing facility. MAS provides to customers proprietary IC solutions for watches and clocks, crystal oscillators and portable sensor interfaces based on our Intellectual Property in analog signal processing and process technology of high performance analog integrated circuits. MAS low power, low voltage and low noise process technology has been developed during the more than 25 years of operation with a focus in portable, battery operated applications.

  • MAS6501   16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • DA9187   12 X 8-bit D To A Converter
  • DA9278   IC For 10.00 – 30.00 MHz VCXO
  • DA6282   IC FOR 6.50 – 40.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • DA6270   IC FOR 6.50 – 40.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • MAS9186   8 X 8-bit D To A Converter 3-pin Serial Data Interface Low Voltage Output Buffer
  • MAS9560   Stereo Audio Driver Dac - Micro Analog Systems
  • MAS9278   Ic For 10.00 - 30.00 Mhz Vcxo - Micro Analog Systems
  • MAS9275   Ic For 10.00 - 36.00 Mhz Vcxo - Micro Analog Systems
  • MAS9270   Ic For 10.00 - 30.00 Mhz Vctcxo
  • MAS9191A   Single Chip Amps/etacs/namps Audio/data Processor - Micro Analog Systems
  • MAS9178   Am Receiver Ic - Micro Analog Systems
  • MAS9283   IC FOR 10.00 – 56.00 MHz VCXO
  • MAS9280   IC FOR 18.00 – 40.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • MAS9279   IC FOR 10.00 – 52.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • MAS9276   IC For 10.00 – 30.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • MAS1175   IC FOR 10.00 – 20.00 MHz VCTCXO
  • DC100N   Manufacturing System For Producing Digitally Programmed, Analog Compensated TCXOs And VCTCXOs
  • MAS6283   IC FOR 1.5625 MHz ?40.0000 MHz VCXO
  • MAS6240   Piezo Driver With Multi-Mode Charge Pump