Micron Semiconductor Products
Micron Semiconductor Products
a leading provider of advanced semiconductor and CMOS image sensor solutions Micron is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Micron’s DRAM and Flash components are used in today’s most advanced computing, networking, and communications products, including computers, workstations, servers, cell phones, wireless devices, digital cameras, and gaming systems. Micron also provides CMOS image sensor solutions to the handset camera, digital still camera, and PC video camera markets.

  • MT9D001   1/2-Inch 2 Megapixel CMOS Active-Pixel Digital Image Sensor
  • MT9V111   1/4-inch CMOS Active Pixel Digital Image Sensor
  • PISMO2-00014   PISMO2-00014: Mobile DDR DRAM + NAND Flash Package-On-Package
  • PISMO2-00008   PISMO2-00008: Mobile DDR SDRAM + NAND Flash + CellularRAM™ + NOR Flash
  • MT8VDDT3264H   256MB, 512MB (x64, SR) 200-Pin DDR SDRAM SODIMM Features
  • MT29C2G24MAKLAJG-6IT   NAND Flash And Mobile LPDRAM 168-Ball Package-on-Package (PoP) MCP Combination Memory (TI OMAP™)
  • MT46H32M32LFJG-5   168-Ball X16, X32 Mobile LPDDR PoP (TI OMAP)Mobile DDR SDRAM Addendum
  • MT9T031   3-Megapixel CMOS Digital Image Sensor For Wide FOV And Electronic Pan/Tilt Cameras
  • MT58L512L18D   8Mb: 512K X 18, 256K X 32/36 3.3V I/O, PIPELINED, DCD SYNCBURST SRAM
  • MT9M112   1/4-Inch, 1.3 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor System-on-Chip
  • MT58L64L32F   2Mb: 128K X 18, 64K X 32/36 FLOW-THROUGH SYNCBURST SRAM
  • MT9V403   1/2-inch Vga (with Freeze-frame) Cmos Active-pixel Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9V112   Soc Vga Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9V012   1/6-inch Vga Cmos Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9V011   1/4-inch Vga Cmos Active-pixel Digital Image Sensor
  • MT9M413   1.3-megapixel Cmos Active-pixel Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9M111   1/3-inch Soc Megapixel Cmos Digital Image Sensor
  • MT9M011   1/3-inch Megapixel Cmos Active-pixel Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9M001   1/2-inch Megapixel Cmos Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT9D011   1/3-inch 2-megapixel Cmos Active-pixel Digital Image Sensor Technology
  • MT4C4007J   1 Meg X 4 Dram 5v, Edo Page Mode, Optional Self Refresh Technology
  • MT4C4005   1 Meg X 4 Dram Fast Page Mode Write-per-bit Technology
  • MT4C16270   Dram 256k X 16 Dram 5v, Edo Page Mode Technology
  • MT49H32M9C   288mb Sio Reduced Latency(rldram Ii) Technology
  • MT28F016S5   2 Meg X 8 Smart 5 Even-sectored Flash Memory Technology
  • MT18LD472A   2, 4 Meg X 72 Nonbuffered Dram Dimms Technology
  • MT41K256M4   1Gb DDR3 SDRAM Component : MT41K128M8HX-187E
  • MT41J512M4   2Gb DDR3 SDRAM Component : MT41J256M8JE-187E
  • MT41J256M4   1Gb DDR3 SDRAM Component : MT41J128M8BY-15E
  • MT49H64M9   576Mb RLDRAM Component : MT49H16M36HT-18
  • MT49H8M32   256Mb RLDRAM Component : MT49H16M16FM-33
  • MT46V32M4   128Mb DDR SDRAM Component : MT46V16M8P-5B
  • MT46V64M4   256Mb DDR SDRAM Component : MT46V16M16BG-5B