Minilogic Device Corporation Limited.
Minilogic Device Corporation Limited.
MiniLogic Device Corporation Limited was founded in Hong Kong on Jan 2000. MiniLogic is an IC design house that can response quickly to our customers, and provides fast and best solution. Our product line includes static LCD driver and module, power management IC likes voltage detector, voltage regulator and DC-DC converter, single or dual Logic gates, LED driver and Motor driver. Our engineers have many years of experience in Analog and Mixed signal IC design, specialized in power management IC. Minilogic has worldwide sales network, like Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc. Our product coverage includes MP3 player, PDA, Digital camera, and other handheld products. Our company mission is to supply a wide range of product which suit customer's needs at a fair price.

  • ML34063   DC-to-DC Converter Control Circuit
  • ML63   Dc-dc Converter Device Corporation Limited
  • ML5954   Ml5954 4-channel Btl Driver For Cd-rom Driver & Dvd Player
  • ML1565   Step-up-down Dc-dc Converts
  • ML1538   4-ch Motor Driver For Portable Cd Players Device Corporation Limited
  • ML1469   Ml1469 4-channel Btl Driver For Cd Players Device Corporation Limited
  • ML0308   Ml0308 Backlight Led Boost Converter
  • ML58C88   CMOS BTL Drivers For DVD Players
  • ML1001   ML1001 Series Static LCD COG Driver
  • 9406   CMOS Logic Dual Analog Switch/Multiplexer
  • 9398   CMOS INVERTER And AND Gate
  • 9374   Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Controller
  • ML65   ML65 Series DC-DC Converter
  • ML63S   ML63S Series DC-DC Converter
  • ML6206   Low ESR Cap. Compatible Positive Voltage Regulator
  • ML62   Positive Voltage Regulator
  • ML6102   Positive Voltage Detector (Inverted Output)
  • ML61   Positive Voltage Detector