NEL Frequency Controls Inc.
NEL Frequency Controls Inc.
NEL Frequency Controls, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of frequency, motion and sensor control products used in mission critical applications. NEL specializes in low cost solutions for increased reliability. For over twenty years, NEL has produced reliable high speed, low jitter and low emission DPECL solutions for mainframes, minicomputers, servers, work stations and networks worldwide. In May, 2002 NEL expanded its expertise in high reliability to motion control products when it purchased its Hercules Encoder and Potentiometers line. Currently the focus is on providing low cost solutions that are easy to assemble and maintain for mission critical applications where uninterrupted performance is essential. Using this direction, NEL has released its module product line that offers redundancy for crystal clock oscillators. This is the most reliable product on the market.

  • AA-ASCCXX-X   Signal Conditioning Circuit For Synchronized Crystal
  • O-CE8-XXYZXX-X-X-XX-X   Precision Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO In 36x27 Mm “Europack” With OSC Disable And Oven Alarm Features For Instrumentation
  • RC001   RC001 Redundant Clock Module Positive ECL Compatible Differential Output
  • OG-08HT17AL-L   Precision SC-cut OCXO In 1”x1” Through Hole Package
  • OD-08HT17AL-L   Precision, Low Power Consumption, Fast Warm-up SC-cut OCXO In 20x20 Mm Through Hole Package
  • OF-08HT17AL-L   Precision SC-cut OCXO In 25x22 Mm Low Profile SMD Package
  • HA-2870   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL)
  • HK-29B0   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL)
  • HS-A2920   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL) Fast Edge
  • HS-2870   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL)
  • SK-29B0   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL)
  • 219632   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL) Fast Edge
  • SJ-2870   Differential Positive ECL (DPECL)
  • SK-A2D00   Crystal Clock Oscillators Frequency Controls,inc
  • SJ-370   Crystal Clock Oscillators Frequency Controls,inc
  • SJ-A2920   Differential Positive Ecl (dpecl) Fast Edge Frequency Controls,inc
  • SJ-1420   Crystal Clock Oscillators Frequency Controls,inc
  • SJ-A1420   Frequency Range: 1.0 Mhz To 80.0 Mhz Frequency Controls,inc
  • SH-B1480   Crystal Clock Oscillators Frequency Controls,inc
  • SH-A3200   Vcxo Series (cmos) Frequency Controls,inc
  • SC-D1420   Crystal Clock Oscillators Lvcmos Frequency Controls,inc
  • SY-A6A70   Frequency Selectable Differential Sine Wave Frequency Controls,inc
  • PJ-B2980   Crystal Clock Oscillators Differential Positive Ecl (dpecl) Fast Edge Frequency Controls,inc
  • PJ-A3670   Vcxo Series (pecl) Frequency Controls,inc
  • HS-1370   Cmos Compatible Enable/disable Frequency Controls,inc
  • HS-370   Cmos Frequency Controls,inc
  • HS-2920   Differential Positive Ecl (dpecl) Fast Edge Frequency Controls,inc
  • HS-1450   Crystal Clock Oscillators Frequency Controls,inc
  • HA-1210   Ttl Compatible Enable/disable Frequency Controls,inc
  • AH-ASCM   Synchronized Crystal Oscillator, General Requirements