NVE Corp.
NVE Corp.
NVE develops and sells devices using "spintronics," a nanotechnology we helped pioneer, which utilizes electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store and transmit information. We are a licensor of spintronic magnetic random access memory technology (MRAM), which we believe has the potential to revolutionize electronic memory. We also manufacture high-performance spintronic products including sensors and couplers which are used to acquire and transmit data in automated factories. We were founded in 1989 primarily as a government contract research company. We have licensed our MRAM intellectual property to others, including Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Honeywell International, and Motorola, Inc. Our sensors and couplers are sold through a worldwide distribution network.

  • ADV001   ADV001 Latching Bipolar Digital Switches
  • IL610A   Passive-Input Digital Isolators – Open Drain Outputs
  • BD020   BD020 Nanopower Medical Magnetic Sensor
  • AFL000   AFL-Series Sensors—Low Power, Low Voltage Digital Switches
  • ADV001-00E   ADV-Series Sensors—Bipiolar Digital Switches
  • AD004-02   GMR Switch™ Precision Digital Sensors Gital Sensors
  • ABL004   Precision Gear Tooth And Encoder Sensors
  • IL715   High Speed/High Temperature Four-Channel Digital Isolators
  • IL711   High Speed/High Temperature Dual Digital Isolators
  • IL710   High Speed/High Temperature Digital Isolators
  • IL600A   Passive-Input Digital Isolators – Open Drain Outputs
  • IL610   Passive-Input Digital Isolators – CMOS Outputs
  • IL510   2 Mbps DC-Correct Digital Isolators
  • IL485W   Isolated RS485 Interface With Handshake
  • IL485   Isolated RS485 Interface
  • IL422   Isolated RS422/RS485 Interface
  • IL3685   PROFIBUS-Compatible Isolated RS-485 Interface
  • IL3522   Isolated RS485/RS422 Interface
  • IL3422   High Speed RS-485 And RS-422 Isolated Transceivers
  • IL3222   Fractional Load RS-485 And RS-422 Isolated Transceivers
  • IL3122   Low Cost RS-485 And RS-422 Isolated Transceivers
  • IL260   High Speed Five-Channel Digital Isolators