On-Bright Electronics, Inc.
On-Bright Electronics, Inc.
On-Bright Electronics, Inc.

  • OB2210   Primary-side Regulation PWM Power Controller
  • OB3308   High Integrated LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller
  • OB3329   High Performance CCFL Control IC – Full Bridge
  • OB3328   High Performance CCFL Control IC – Full Bridge
  • OB3302   Cost Effective CCFL Controller -- Push Pull
  • OB2532   5% Precision CC/CV Primary-side Regulation PWM Controller
  • OB2201   Quasi Resonant PWM Controller
  • OB2535   5% Precision CC/CV Primary-side Offline PWM Power Switch
  • OB3318   High Performance CCFL Controller
  • OB3316   High Performance CCFL Controller
  • OB6563   High Performance PFC Controller
  • OB6561P   High Performance PFC Controller
  • OB2298   PWM Controller With PFC Standby Control
  • OB2279   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2278   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2269   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2268   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2263   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2262   Current Mode PWM Controller
  • OB2252   Current Mode PWM Controller For BJT
  • OB6663   High Performance TM PFC/QR Combo Controller
  • OB2203   Quasi-Resonant Flyback PWM Controller
  • OB2202   Quasi-Resonant Flyback PWM Controller
  • OB2358   Current Mode PWM Power Switch
  • OB2354   Current Mode PWM Power Switch
  • OB2353   Current Mode PWM Power Switch
  • OB2216   Primary-Side Regulation PWM Power Switch
  • OB2212   Primary-Side Regulation PWM Power Switch
  • OB2211H   Primary-Side PWM Power Switch With CC/CV
  • OB2211   Primary-Side Regulation PWM Power Switch