Silonex Inc.
Silonex Inc.
Silonex has built a solid reputation in design for manufacturing. Its expertise in optical sensor design and integrated manufacturing meet the most challenging application requirements. Its time-to-market solutions result from a strong design-for-manufacturing philosophy supported by a flexible, integrated manufacturing operation. With a broad range of manufacturing processes and technologies backed by a worldwide network of electronic manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, Silonex offers flexibility to customers regardless of their location. Thanks to the unique design, solution development and integrated manufacturing capabilities of its one-stop facility Silonex manages all phases of customers' product lifecycle. From initial design, to production and inventory management, and even obsolescence phases, Silonex' solutions always fit their customers' market needs.

  • STS-8831   Dual Channel Optical Switch Assembly Over / Under Optical Axis
  • SLD-68EBG1   Integral Infrared Rejection Filter Planar Photodiode
  • SLD-70IR2   Visible Light Rejection Filter Planar Photodiode
  • SLD-70BG2   Infrared Rejection Filter Planar Photodiode
  • SLD-70IR1   Visible Light Rejection Filter Planar Photodiode